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17 thoughts on ““DUMPED” or “UNFRIENDED”…which would you be more likely to grab off the table at your favorite bookstore or as you peruse Amazon?

  1. Dumped…..unfriended sounds too FaceBook only.

  2. “Dumped” is more visceral and works better with the graphic. And haven’t most women felt like “trash” once in a while? “Unfriended” is very 21st c. but a little chilly.

  3. Dumped, from the first minute we talked about it.

  4. Dumped

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  5. Dumped! The single syllable makes a stronger impression. Good luck, Nina!

  6. DUMPED for sure – sounds more dynamic and less like FB. Love “She Writes” btw – congrats!

  7. Dumped, although I would be intereted in either and would probabl buy either. Sad to say, I have been a dumper on a number of occasions – sorry about most of them, and am reaching out to these. Good luck with this most interesting effort!

  8. Dumped! I agree with the others… Unfriended is too “Facebooky” and the single syllable of Dumped hits you right between the eyes.

    Not wild about the graphic. Don’t suppose you have something like a pile of female mannequins in a vacant lot? Just a thought….

    This definitely goes on my “must-read” list!

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