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On talk radio tonight

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Wednesday 8pm EST
Dr. Peter Sacco on Matters of the Mind…
Nina chats with Peter about
“Dumped:Stories of Women Unfriending Women” among other stuff (like, is it a coincidence that this is Women in Horror Month and we are talking about women’s friendships???????)
Tune in tonight!

One thought on “On talk radio tonight

  1. Sorry I missed this, Nina; I was out of the country with lousy internet.

    I’m so sorry about your dog; I lost my 15 year old Brittany in May, and I’m still listening for the click of her paws on the wooden floors. There are no words. Just hugs,

    And in the marvelous synchronicity of the universe, all the best on your pub day. Got my copy of Dumped in the pile of mail when I got home and can’t wait to read it.

    Many hugs,


    Barbara Stark-Nemon, author Even in Darkness @bstarknemon

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