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The Soul of Twit: The Book Has Cometh, Finally

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Yeah, this is what it feels like. Hilarious commentary from Harrison Scott Key on the process of making a book.

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downloadA guest post from Harrison Scott Key, followed by a link to this essay in tweets:

So, my book came out today, which is great. I started writing it about a million years ago, and about 500,000 years ago I made the mistake of telling people I was writing it, which means for about the past 250,000 years I have been answering this question:

“So, when’s your book coming out?”

This is a very disappointing question to answer almost every day it is asked.

“Oh, that’s a long time from now,” I’d say, when people first started asking. I almost scoffed, not at them, but at the ridiculousness of the question and the improbabilities it brought to the fore of my hurting brain. The distance between the terrible thing that happens at the writing desk and the thing that happens when you are reading a book in a bathtub is…

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One thought on “The Soul of Twit: The Book Has Cometh, Finally

  1. Hi Nina….I will have to catch up on this when I get back to the states. Hope all is well with u.

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