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Don’t Go Up in Flames. Politics 2016. We Get It.

Scene with Sanders and Reid. Sanders head held at an angle of defeat. Silent and sad. It is a horribly disturbing moment no matter what side you are on. But guess what. I was a starry-eyed 17 year old working for Eugene McCarthy and I survived. I was a somewhat more jaded 30 year fighting against Reagan and all he stood for. I survived. I had gotten sober just a month after Reagan announced his candidacy and I have stayed sober throughout the ensuing horror show and the legacy of Reagan’s reign. Survived Nader (who BTW is still “Nadering” My family owned two Corvairs and we survived them too. If you don’t get the reference here you are likely one of those young people I am so worried about.

At 58 I watched Clinton’s concession speech to Obama and my heart was broken but with that heavy heart and frozen fingers I pulled the voting lever for Obama. Of course I did, after early mutterings that I wouldn’t, couldn’t. Look what a surprise ensued. Obama rose above expectations to make some real change, eventually, against all odds. To the passionate young people, don’t throw yourselves over a cliff for anybody. Some columnist whose name I have lost described a post-Trump election as a “pile of burning tires.” Us boomers will be dead soon enough. You will have to try to live with the mess. Thank you for your passion. You can survive.