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Wishing you possibly the briefest of smiles…

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A piece originally posted on the Brevity blogsite in a shorter iteration and under a different title. Grateful to both Manifest-Station and Brevity for helping me toss a little humor into these dark days.

One thought on “Wishing you possibly the briefest of smiles…

  1. Nina, Once again, you have tickled my funny bone, which in my case lies directly under my aorta. My heart feels your pain through verse, and as usual, your writing inspires, delights, and pushes my thoughts into places which sometimes I fear to tread. Thanks for the reminder today that we truly do have issues to solve in this country and that we all must take our part, whatever we believe that to be, in fighting against immediate and not-so-distant threats to our health and morality. Thanks again, Nina!! Carol Cornwell Strickland

    Carol Strickland, PhD, MS, RN 637 Sycamore Street Swainsboro, GA 30401

    Check out our textbook at:* *

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