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Anniversary note–be OK



A year ago today I walked out of a beloved job. I just want this to be a reminder that things do get better. Much better. I quit the job that I loved because a corporation bought the business and created a hierarchy that I could not live with. This was not my fault but I took it on as though it was, this maladaptive but typical defense that we use to give ourselves an illusion of power and control when power and control do not exist. And in this corporate world with its greedy governments and destructive institutions, we have less control that we even imagine.

I quit without another job lined up. So there were months of hoodie/PJ bottoms Facebook posts and appeals to Unemployment (“yes your situation was bad [dearie] but not really that bad”) and catching up on Young and the Restless (ok yes Bold and the Beautiful as well). (OK, Game of Thrones.) The ‘dearie’ is mine, Unemployment didn’t say dearie, and the judge denied me any recompense for my pain and suffering. But that was a year ago.

After I walked out of my office for the last time, I drove to an opening at a gallery in another town with an artist friend. It was a good way to end the day. Fewer tears since I had my mascara to think about.

The winter unfolded, and the friend and I fell out of touch. The relationship devolved. (Like I lost a limb.) I had an iffy CAT scan and my primary care provider quit and there was no one to tell me what was going on. This, as one can imagine, added to the desolation of the winter. In these parts, winter can hang around till May.

Anyway, I had a soft landing. That’s the point. I do not have cancer. I have a job in a clinic that is the type of clinic that should define health care. Tonight that friend and I are going to an opening at the same gallery, a gallery that offered me my own show last September and for it I produced work that I actually had some time to do since I wasn’t working and was no longer desolate. Today’s hoodie is the powder blue one but I’m wearing it because I’m heading for the gym and the TV is off. I still check in with my soap opera families occasionally, but basically I am OK.

So. Give it time. Be OK.

8 thoughts on “Anniversary note–be OK

  1. This piece is so dead on. Thank you, Dearie.

  2. I remember your struggles last year and I am so glad you’ve gotten beyond them, kept your principals intact and don’t have cancer. Quelle reliefe!
    I don’t have it either…just found out this week. Nodules in my lung ARE NOT changing. The yeaer ahead feels good, despite potus’ antics.

  3. French author François Mauriac writes : ” Il y a toujours une porte qui s’ouvre “.
    “Another door always opens”.
    You are full of courage and so positive.
    Amitiés 🙂

  4. Perfect timing for your post. I stopped working 50 hours a week and feeling emotionally spent every single day and opted for 20 hours a week. My anxiety is high but I simply couldn’t spend the rest of my days being sacrificed at the altar of clinical practice and poor management. I resigned as Clinical Chief, I’m just a drone in the hive now. It was a leap but one I knew I had to make.

    Reading your post reassured me that everything will be OK. As much as trust is a challenge for me, I know I’m still marketable. I’m learning to trust myself. I’m starting to polish up my CV and start networking. I want to live the rest of my life on my terms.

    Thanks, Nina

    Love, Holly

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    • Holly! So sorry I didn’t see this before. Yes, I get it. I’m just a drone now myself, and I LOVE it. 20 hours a week. In the trenches with the people. I get it. Thanks for writing,

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