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17 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I just wrote to you via Linked In but am not clear if it was sent; can you let me know? My e-mail is

  2. Are you taking submissions from Canadian writers?

    • Megan- so sorry for the delay. I am having a heck of a time with this blogsite as I toggle between platforms- iPAD and PC laptop. Your post never showed up until today when I went into the registry on my laptop. The answer is yes, absoloutely, looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. I wrote you an email to address you supplied with Dumped. I’m Paul Brandwein’s sister by the way. I heard of your work when we were talking about the nursing anthology you are in and which I was thinking of sending to his wife. I am a published essayist and had a question are submissions to Dumped.

  4. Regarding a female writer of household name, have you attempted to contact Anne Lamott? She has a new book due out in October (2013) and she maintains a blog that is accessible at the very least through Facebook.

  5. Hi Nina.
    I just came across this in an old issue of Poets and Writers that I am just getting around to reading through. Are you still accepting submissions for the Dumped anthology?

    Thank you!

  6. Nina – This is Pat Hryzak Lind. Could you give me a call at 585 393 7204. Best, Pat

  7. Nina,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your essay in “I wasn’t strong like this when I started out”. I started nursing school in 2004. I had been a chiropractor since 1983. I did the accelerated BSN/FNP , started practice, then completed the Adult PMHNP program and last year the DNP. My goal is to leave my children student loans to pay off when I die. I was the oldest in my class. I was bemused by the young nulliparous students who all wanted to work in Peds and L&D upon graduation until they actually did clinical in Peds and L&D.

    Getting a little bored with primary care after 7 years but I love the psych aspect of it and the pure psych I get to do. I get to keep providing chiro care as well in my practice.

    I’ve had an interesting catheter experience too. I had to de-cath a former chiropractic practice employee of mine in the L&D BSN clinical. “Dr. Beckett! What are you doing here?” beamed the new mom. I said to myself, “Why I’m here in this ridiculous white uniform to have you spread your legs to take out your catheter. And this is the only damn thing these misandrist OBs have let me do in 6 weeks. So Hi!”

    So you see one reason I like your essay is you covered about every aspect of my career.

    Thanks for the work.


    • Hey Randy,
      Your comment made my day. Except for the part that I can never figure this blog stuff out. Not a techie person, thank the gods and goddesses I did not go into anything besides psych. I still write many of my notes by hand. Sorry for the delay getting back to you!

  8. Nina,

    Would love to follow you – do you send out blog postings by e-mail?

    A fellow member of the Canadian Non-fiction Collective posted a link to your posting Mapping the Lyrical Essay. I was thrilled to discover that you’re a fellow health care professional writing on the side – I’m a dentist.

    If you’re still accepting submissions for consideration for your anthology, I’d love a chance to send something in. What’s your address and what’s the deadline?


    • Hi Lesia, I am publishing in early 2015 and would love to take a look at what you have. I think you can just follow me to see when I’ve posted. I have a bit of trouble with the blog, especially toggling between iPAD and SONY laptop. Things seem to get lost. And the e-mail that was set up with this blog site is very unstable. You can send it to, as an attachment with dumped in the subject line, and from there I will send you a better e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Nina- greetings. I read about you in the u of r nursing booklet and looked you up. I worked with you in Rochester and I am now living in Waterford Vt near St J. Working for Ammonoosuc health service in Woodsville NH and Cottage Hospital. It’s nice to see a familiar face.
    Karen Bonhote

    • Karen, so sorry I am just seeing this. It was lost amongst other things. I’m still not comfortable with all the ways social media works. So tell me more…why did you move to Vermont? I work in Bradford and just sent someone over to Cottage last night! Small world!

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