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This Is (Almost) 72: Nina Gaby Responds to The Oldster Magazine Questionnaireby Sari Botton         (interview with Shirley Dawson for Art and Perception)


“Sleepless Woman Tries to Give Herself A Mani-Pedi, Draws Blood and Tears” in Writing Through the Apocalypse, Weeping Willow Press (ed-Meier) 2023

“Looking South on Main” in Main, Hippocampus (ed-Talarico) 2021

“Crying at the Post Office, or Help I Can’t Find My Eyebrows” in (Her)oics: Women’s Lived Experiences During the Corona Virus Pandemic, Regal House (ed-Roost and Serra) 2021

“Bring Back the Batakas: a long view” in Fury: Women’s Lived Experiences During the Trump Era, Regal House (ed-Roost and Hirshfeld) 2020

“On Mentioning that our Daughter Wants to become a Mortician” in What Remains, the Many Ways We Say Goodbye, Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises (ed- Gelles-Cole and Salzman) 2019 reprinted from Dodge Magazine, Spring 2011   (anthology shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Prize 2021)

 “A Couple Bad Nights in Brindisi” in: A Second Blooming: Becoming the Women We are Meant to Be, Mercer University Press (ed-Cushman) 2017

“I’m Not Supposed to Love You” in: How Does That Make You Feel: True Confessions from Both Sides of the Therapy Couch” Seal Press (ed-Amatenstein) 2017

“Simple Arithmetic” in: Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women, She Writes Press (ed-Gaby) 2015

“No Stranger” in: Mothering Through the Darkness-Women Open Up About the Postpartum Experience (ed-Smock and Sprenger), She Writes Press 2015

“Like Cave Dwellers” in: The Best of the Burlington Writer’s Workshop, Burlington Writer’s Workshop (ed-Armstrong, Biello, Frankel,Keller) 2015

3 prose poems in: Classifieds, and Anthology of Prose Poems, Equinox Press (ed-Clay) 2013

“Careening Towards Reunion” in: I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse (ed-Gutkind) In Fact Books 2013

“The Inventories We Keep” and “What Matters and What We Might Want to Forget” in: View from the Bed, View from the Bedside, Wising-Up Press (ed-Tosteson, Langton, Brockett) 2010

“Making a Minyan in Vermont” in: The Maternal Is Political: Women Writers at the Intersection of Motherhood and Social Change, Seal Press (ed-Strong and Rowe-Finkbeiner) 2008

“The Thong Question” in: I Wanna be Sedated-30 Writers on Parenting Teenagers, Seal Press (ed- Conlon and Hudson) 2005

“Seating Arrangements” in: Women Behaving Badly, Paper Journey Press (ed- Murkherjee) 2004

“Winter Rental” in: Original Sin-The Seven Deadlies Come Home to Roost, Paper Journey Press (ed- Murkherjee) 2004

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Short Takes: Resistance and Resilience


Luge Run, 2003

In “Multiplicity Magazine” 11-18-20:

In Spite of Negative Consequences

Power, Politics, and Farming: Planting Social Justice from the Soil Up

Nina Gaby: Many factors fail those addicted to opioids

NPR “The New Normal,” featured blog story, 8-10-20

“A Safe Place to Roost” “The Sum of it’s Parts” winner Monthly Muse- New Millenium Writings 2018

 “Shivers Like That” Proximity. 2017

“Recovering my Alternative Factuality: A Thank You to Mr. Trump”                                   The Manifest-Station 2017

“Not Quite Forgiveness, a Yoga Story” The Manifest-Station 2017

“Paying Partial Attention Knowing an Alternative Route Would be Out of the Question”, Entropy. 2016

“One Rule from a Working Life” runner-up in the Robert DeMott Short Prose Contest, Quarter After Eight 2016

 “When I Was Japanese: On Transparency, Translucency, Opacity in Memoir” essay finalist, The Diagram. 2015

“The Baby on the Bus,” Intima: Journal of Medical Narrative.  2015

“Another Reflection on the Slippery Slope of Compassion,” Intima: Journal of Medical Narrative.  2015

Brevity’s Non-fiction blog:


 “D is for…Diagnosis” Myslexia, issue 72, 2016/2017

“Denial-Deviation-Perfusion” VOX, Rock and Sling, special inauguration edition, 2017

 “On Mentioning that our Daughter Wants to become a Mortician” Dodge Magazine, Spring 2011

“The Anti-Zen of Grandma” Lilith Magazine, Spring 2008