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New View from the Memory Motel: 3D Memoir/Vessels

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:

A guest post from Nina Gaby:

nina gaby art IMG_6459Cavalier, I toss around the word “hoarder,” like it’s a good thing, because it makes me do art.

“If there’s not a flattened dead rodent under that pile then it isn’t really hoarding, not like TV show hoarding” I say. “And besides, it’s all good stuff.” And then. Of course. I found the dessicated mouse under a three foot stack of old photographs, notes scribbled on envelopes, articles, letters tied with ribbon, and a yellowed folder of psychiatric evaluations from 1989, realizing I needed to either get a dumpster or get creative. And it’s not just the ‘stuff’ for us writers and artists, it’s the ideas we save, the memories we hang on to. The photos and Post-It notes and pretty rocks and pieces of costume jewelry. Broken plates and swatches of fabric, the bits of pencil and string, the colors, the smells, the…

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I Need to Blog and I Need to Get to Work on Time

So I gave out this website to lots of people this past week, and what a week. I completed a new series of 3-D memoir vessels to enter into the UNBOUND 5 book arts competition on Monday. Then the Harvard 2015 Conference on Psychiatry bookended by a reading event at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, VT on Tuesday for the Burlington Writer’s Workshop, then Brookline Booksmith in Boston on Wednesday with three other She Writes Press authors, then the conference which was absolutely top shelf of course, then yesterday’s “Are You a Bookie” panel at BayPath University, organized by Suzanne Strempek Shea. Every moment part of a glorious multi-disciplinary soup.Gaby_Entry #2_New Views from the Memory Motel 3 piece series.

And it’s Monday morning and I’m late for the day job.

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The Soul of Twit: The Book Has Cometh, Finally


Yeah, this is what it feels like. Hilarious commentary from Harrison Scott Key on the process of making a book.

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:

downloadA guest post from Harrison Scott Key, followed by a link to this essay in tweets:

So, my book came out today, which is great. I started writing it about a million years ago, and about 500,000 years ago I made the mistake of telling people I was writing it, which means for about the past 250,000 years I have been answering this question:

“So, when’s your book coming out?”

This is a very disappointing question to answer almost every day it is asked.

“Oh, that’s a long time from now,” I’d say, when people first started asking. I almost scoffed, not at them, but at the ridiculousness of the question and the improbabilities it brought to the fore of my hurting brain. The distance between the terrible thing that happens at the writing desk and the thing that happens when you are reading a book in a bathtub is…

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